ModernPRO LLC - Video Marketing

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ModernPRO Mission

ModernPRO LLC is a video production company focused on solutions for digital and social marketing. We’re positioned to support small and medium sized businesses by enhancing or creating digital video content.

We focus customers to invest in a video-centric, sales driven methodology and create a video distribution campaign using mobile, web and social channels.

Video Production Services

General business video production to explain a brand, product or service.

Capture footage from an event and have it professionally edited.

Real Estate
Videos for home listings and agent introductions.

ModernPRO Team

Startup activity commenced in 2013 with a group of professionals putting their best efforts into media production, technology and social content distribution. From there the company evolved into a niche video marketing organization that has grown successfully along side it’s customer base. 

Scott Esposto
President | Executive Producer

Executive in charge of sales, production and customer experience

Spencer Fortin
Production & Editing

B.A. Video and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz. Helped start the company, build the studio and complete our initial major projects

Virginia Wallace
Chairwoman | Finance

Executive controller in charge of finance, human resources and accounting

Jon Russell
Voice Artist | Sound Design

Advisor and old school DJ from San Francisco’s KFOG, Sacramento’s KZAP and CBS Radio

Brittany Harmon
Admin & Marketing

Executive assistant, administration and marketing

Veronica Jurado
Marketing Consultant

Marketing, stylist and contact management

ModernPRO Studio & Equipment

Built from scratch, the ModernPRO studio was designed to facilitate a professional video production process. Clients visit the studio to design their content, record and make editing decisions in real time.

Dual workstation backup system
Audio digital recording
Chroma (green) screen recording
4:2:2 broadcast quality
Mobile editing workstation

Competitive Advantage

Starting from scratch in 2013, we earned our success by helping our customers grow. By building trusted customer relationships, our customer’s success became our own success.

Accurately receiving a customer’s vision is paramount to creating valuable digital media. ModernPRO invested heavily during development to create a customer-inclusive production experience that supports communication clarity and successful results.

The industry challenge for digital marketing is helping customers understand what results are possible within budgetary constraints. ModernPRO addresses the gap that exists between a low cost freelance artist with limited resources, and an expensive media agency.


Video-centric digital marketing

Video content distributed through web and social channels is the future of business marketing.

The continual lowering costs of technology have put competitive pressures on larger agencies. In contrast, solo freelance artists don’t have the infrastructure to support larger scale projects and longer term needs.

ModernPRO was conceived to address this gap in market demand.